Composite Snap & Go Tiles

//Composite Snap & Go Tiles

A unique concept of interlocking tiles for outdoor decking.  A wide range of 30x30cm tiles, can be easily installed, without the need for nails, screws or glue.

Co-extruded Bamboo-Plastic Composite Tiles
  • Streaky Light Grey Wood Composite
  • Streaky Walnut Wood Composite
  • Streaky Pecan Wood Composite

A natural feel with that Wood-Grain Finish…….and needs less care than real wood.

Geometric Stone Tiles
  • Quartzite Stone Patches
  • Slate Stone Patches

Versatile, Durable and Natural!

Artificial Turf Tiles
  • Polyethylene blades
  • Ideally mix with other tiles

Add some turf to your patio, and never worry about watering it.

Get Creative!

The wide range and versatility of the tiles allows you to experiment and get creative with your ideas. With the ability to mix and match any of the tiles, whether composite, stone, or turf, creating stunning designs for your balcony or patio is just a ‘snap’ away.